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F24 y POST24

We have forms and FORMULA 24 (within 24 hours of your arrival) and FORMULA POST 24 (after 24 hours of your arrival) by means of which, if you do not agree with the conditions of the establishment, our team will seek a solution as soon as possible.

Failure to use FORMULA 24 or POST 24 will allow the Management to decline all responsibility. 

The response to FORMULA 24 and POST 24 will be made by a committee made up of the school management and the DGO. The establishment''s management team is not empowered to deal with requests that may represent a change to the regime chosen by the client. This means that the establishment does not have the power to give gifts or to grant courtesies or gratuities of any kind that are the sole responsibility of this committee.

Please ask for the form at the reception desk if necessary.