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Umi Yama Sushi

Come enjoy the best sushi at the Umiyama restaurant, where the essence of the ocean and the freshness of the mountains merge to offer a unique culinary experience. Umiyama is not just a restaurant, it is a sensory journey where the sea and the mountains meet in harmony.

Dress code

Entering the restaurant in a bathing suit, bare-chested, barefoot or wet is not allowed. 
At dinner, please dress appropriately; beach or sports clothing is not allowed.

Special requirements

We have special dishes for celiacs, vegetarians and food intolerants (you can consult with 24 hours in advance to the Maître of the restaurant). 

For stays of 1 to 4 nights it includes 1 seat in a theme restaurant of your choice (subject to availability) and for stays of 5 nights or more it includes 1 seat in each of the Theme restaurants available (always subject to availability and subject to prior reservation).

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